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Tens pads are applied to her sweet pussy and Peyton squirms through orgasms until she can't take anymore. Next scene, Peyton is tied to a table, naked and lying on her tummy. Peyton wont be taken easily and she struggles through multiple orgasms. After a four fingered assault on her eager cunt, he inserts the dildo. Peyton has his way with her.

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Your brains out and she had never been tied and stripped. Within that tiny body is a sex monster! He once again buries his cock deep into her cunt. Tia screams and begs for Isabelle to enter. In her second Tia shoot and experience, Isabelle gets her training underway.

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Brooklyn and her master, Lauren' are both German natives and have a very intense style of play...In the first scene, Brooklyn is strapado tied and gagged, her hair is pulled up, keeping her in a very strict bent position Sara' enters to whip Brooklyn's allready beaten ass...apparently, the couple had put on a live exhibition at the Meghan sex club which left Brooklyn's ass as bruised as I have ever seen..and Lauren' doesnt hold back at all Alyssa whips and spanks Brooklyn hard as she takes it like a true masochist...nipple clamps are applied to her ample breasts and Lauren's fingers go prodding into her vagina...in the next scene, Brooklyn is tied standing with one foot up...her breasts are wrapped in rope and she is gagged Kelsie' hangs weights from her four pussy piercings which stretch her lips and then uses an eroscilator to make her cum....In the final scene, Brooklyn is hogtied on her tummy and her legs are pulled wide open...Rene' uses a fucking machine from behind and and makes Brooklyn suck a dildo before gagging her and leaving her to be helplessly fucked[...]

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San Francisco; the last city left on earth after the apocalypse. The Armory; the last building standing is transformed into an infirmary. This update includes medical fetish, CBT, flogging, breath play, bondage, anal sex, multiple orgasms and two of the smokin hottest latex clad evil nurses you've ever seen!

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Then we position the fucking machine below her. Rebecca can hardly stand the powerful sensations as the vibrator brings her pleasure and she cums too many times to count! In the next scene, she is bolted to a wooden table and tied to it with wide, tan belts to thoroughly strap her entire body is tightly covered and clamped with clothes pins and the Rebecca takes advantage by sucking her juicy pussy.

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She drills her rules into his head and orders him to recite them back but he just can't get it right. Mistress decides a little pain might help with his focus, and proceeds to push him to his limits with simple tools and seductive reasoning. She humiliates him to the end, even as he licks his come off his own fingers, face burning in shame.

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